Xerox IT Service Delivery Manager - Enterprise Mobility Management and BlackBerry in Rochester, New York

Job Role Summary

Service Management responsibilities include day-to-day operations of multiple service areas including Enterprise Mobility Management, Mobile Device Management, and BlackBerry technologies. Policy management of Corporate/Personal devices including Apple, Android, and Windows platforms. Demonstrating knowledge of process, comprehension of industry tools, disciplined operational methods and serve as PoC for service escalations/outages.

Responsible for IT service delivery governance working with key suppliers to ensure services are delivered according to standards, service level agreements, financial cost controls, and security/compliance performance of corresponding services areas. Provides oversight on programs, projects, problem management, and service delivery initiatives. Influencing strategy development, implementation of service delivery resources, oversight for Enterprise Mobility services, technology forecasting roadmap, and delivering solutions to internal/extended business partners.

Develops relationships with Problem Management focal points, Organizational Architects, key suppliers, and professionals in other related disciplines (e.g. Infrastructure Service Towers, IT Outsource Providers, Vendors, Manufactures, etc…) as appropriate.


  • Ensures that a catalog of Enterprise Mobility and BlackBerry services are created in partnership with the platform architecture team. Ensure that service catalogs are maintained, aligned with service level agreements, and fits within established cost controls. Ensures that service delivery is monitored effectively and actions plans are maintained to improve levels of service. Ensures that operational methods, procedures, tools are established, reviewed and maintained. Regularly reviews service delivery to ensure that trending is maintained, targets are met, and detailed corrective actions are managed.

  • Maintains a firm comprehension of organizational structure, software technologies, architecture design, development techniques, and product delivery. Influences customers and project teams through change management initiatives, ensuring that diciplined standards are maintained. Manages the implementation of processes, tools, and standard operating procedures for managing the performance of service delivery. Monitors performance and takes corrective action where/when necessary.

  • Maintains a broad understanding of the commercial IT environment, how the organization sources, manages external partners, and when it is appropriate to use in-house resources. Contributes to the development and management of agreements with suppliers to meet key performance indicators and agreed targets. Is responsible for the liaison between the user organization and designated suppliers. Ensures that supplier performance is properly monitored and regularly reviewed.


  • Has defined operational authority responsibility for Enterprise Mobility and BlackBerry services, including technical, financial, and quality aspects.

  • Establishes organizational objectives and delegates assignments.

  • Accountable for actions take and decisions made by self and service delivery teams.

  • Influence:

  • Influences customers, suppliers, and industry partners at peer management levels.

  • Decisions impact work of employing organizations, achievement of organizational objectives, and financial performance.

  • Develops relationships with customers, suppliers, and industry leaders.

  • Complexity:

  • Highly complex work activities covering technical, financial, and quality aspects and contributing to formulation of service strategy.

  • Has deep understanding of information systems, industry, emerging technologies, and implications for the wider business environment.

    Main Responsibilities:

    Business Value / Context

  • Ensures that a Service Catalog of all available services is created and maintained and that the structure of service level agreements is fully defined by the mapping of services to users and business processes. Takes responsibility for operational structure, escalation procedures, and requisites. Ensuring operational methods, procedures, facilities, and tools are established, reviewed and maintained.

    Operational Oversight for Day to Day Service Management

  • Ensures that the necessary arrangements are in place to meet appropriate RISK requirements (Safe Harbor/Privacy, SOX, etc…). On the basis of both experience and foresight, sets up and maintains a risk management program.

  • Works with clients or users to establish qualitative assessment of the service provision, from the client/user perspective, and initiates actions for improvement, where appropriate. Reviews service level agreements, investigates all appropriate means to improve service levels, and recommends new or revised policies or procedures. Implements specific proposals, balancing overall usage requirements with current and planned services, and prepares investment proposals to meet changes in demand.

  • Ensures that quantitative and qualitative data is collected and analyzed to monitor the suppliers’ performance against agreed service levels, publishes the results, and initiates actions based on results. In liaison with Sourcing Relationship Managers, ensures proper monitoring of the agreements and recommends actions, including the enforcement of any penalty clauses, to bring agreements back into line or to terminate them. Ensures service levels are meeting stakeholder requirements.

    Relationship Managment

  • Advises and influences business clients regarding the communication, delivery, costs, availability and functionality of services and systems. Develops an effective partnership with suppliers and business clients, establishing confidence and respect. Represents Conduent both externally and internally, formally and informally, both for the functions represented and as an individual.

  • Initiates/implements procedures for resolution of conflict or contention for service, setting clear priorities such that both foreseeable incidents and unforeseen conflicts are resolved in a professional and responsible manner.

  • Responsible for the liaison between the customer and the supplier organizations, representing the service delivery relationship on behalf of Conduent, and enabling all communications to take place effectively. Defines escalation processes/procedures for any issues or problems raised by the suppliers, users, and is responsible for arbitration in situations of conflict.

  • Ensures that stakeholders are aware of the terms and conditions of agreements, deals appropriately with suppliers. Facilitates good communications between suppliers and stakeholders.

  • Builds and maintain relationships and is the Conduent representative in Business Mgmt meetings with value chain partners and co-suppliers.

    Essential Skills/Knowledge/Certification:

  • 6-10 years of IT experience

  • LSS Green Belt online training required

  • Typically has a strong relevant technical or business work experience, including previous Operational Service Delivery Management experience.

  • Experience in supporting Mobile Platform iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Phone 7

  • Experience using Mobile Device management tools – ActiveSync, BoxTone, Mobil Iron, AirWatch and Citrix XenMobile.

    • Experience with Microsoft Exchange and Enterprise Messaging Systems. *
  • Knowledge of serving web content on mobile devices and platforms.

  • Knowledge of mobile development tools, deployment methods, and working with development engineers.

  • Knowledge and understanding of remote network access technologies / VPN from Mobile Devices.

    • Knowledge of Blackberry 10 Devices, Blackberry Administration, and Blackberry Processes. *
  • Knowledge of mobile device policy management and integration with Microsoft Office 365.

  • Knowledge of High Level Architecture and Implementation of Enterprise Mobility Solutions to Global Organizations.

  • Knowledge of Computer Networks and connectivity (LAN/WAN/TCP).

  • Windows/Linux/Solaris, mid-tier, Web, Databases Oracle/SQL and Active Directory Servcices.

  • Full understanding of set up, configuration, use of and fault diagnostics for all mobile data handsets, PDA's and Smart-phones. Combining this with troubleshooting data and wireless connectivity faults.

  • Experience in Multiple EMM / MDM Solutions implementing solutions for different countries given legal requirements and/or considerations.

  • Developed range of strategic management and leadership skills.

  • Has demonstrated extensive relevant technical or business work experience.

  • Has broad commercial and technical expertise, often in a variety of environments.

  • Demonstrates the leadership skills needed to handle innovation and change resulting from the implementation of new information and communications technology solutions.

  • Is familiar with the requirements of the organization for products and services and with the use of the products and services which are the subjects of the agreements.

  • Understands standard contracting procedures within own organization.

  • Have sound commercial, organizational, time management, negotiation and resource management skills.

  • Ability to prioritize work activities.

  • Is skilled in conducting meetings and team management.

  • Has a broad knowledge and understanding of IT concepts, current and emerging RISK Coherences, and architectures, coupled with practical knowledge of problem management and the principles and processes of implementing and delivering IT services.

  • Demonstrated ability for systematically analyzing and managing problems arising from incidents in the operation of information systems. Has general awareness of critical incidents and business implications.

  • Demonstrated ability to become thoroughly familiar with the services and products delivered and the tools, methods, procedures, equipment and software used in the operation and management of the service.

  • Has the ability to lead teams successfully when handling complex or high impact problems.

  • Demonstrates excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills.

  • Above average proficiency using Microsoft Office productivity applications.

    Additional Requirements:

  • ITIL V3 - Completion of prescribed foundation eLearning courses is required for all positions.

  • Risk: Broad and thorough understanding of Risk-Coherences (Safe Harbor, Privacy, PCI, ISRA, SOX, SOD, DR, BCAP, etc…)

  • Processing Services – Management of supplier delivery of: Data Center Facilities Operations, Data Center Networking, Operating Systems, Storage Technologies, Virtualization Concepts and Implementations including Cloud, Service Continuity.


    Bachelor’s Degree or Masters Degree (preferred) Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Business Administration, Contract Administration, Finance, or other related field. Or equivalent work experience.

    This job description is meant as a guideline for applicants, and employees of Conduent. It is not a definitive or exhaustive description and consequently may not include all tasks or functions related to the position. This document does not create, and is not part of, an employment contract. Please note the position may change to meet the changing requirements of Conduent’s business. Employees may be assigned duties either, in addition to or instead of, those set out in this document and the position is subject to further changes at Conduent's discretion.

Job: IM Service Delivery

Organization: Xerox (XT)

Title: IT Service Delivery Manager - Enterprise Mobility Management and BlackBerry

Location: New York-Rochester

Requisition ID: 16025800

Virtual/work from home? No